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    • Automated Multipurpose X-ray powder diffractometer.
    • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail with electronic signature and records.
    • Can be used for solid and bulk samples, powder, gels, creams, liquids, and tablets.
    • Optimum data quality ensured through the choice of high power 9 kW PhotonMax source or conventional X-ray tube (3kW) combined with a 1D or 2D photon-counting detector.
    • Routine and automated inter-change between transmission and reflection geometries for orthogonal characterization of organic powders and solid samples.
    • Ideally suited for high sensitivity phase Identification and Quantitation coupled with the ability to perform advanced sample characterization.
    • Advanced analysis options include Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis, Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS), Micro diffraction, Indexing, organic molecular Structure Solution (Ab initio), and Refinement (Rietveld).
    • Automated instrument alignment and optimization maintain the instrument performance within the acceptable validated range and ensure the reproducibility required for robust sameness testing and cluster analysis.
    • Full range of in-situ non-ambient (temperature and humidity) stages available including Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).
    • A theta/theta Johansson Kα1 configuration is available for robust indexing and structure solution applications. The Kα1 monochromator can be rapidly interchanged with standard reflection/transmission optics.
    • Standardless quantitative analysis of complex mixtures using the total diffraction direct derivation (DD) method.
    • Non-destructive analysis allowing the correlation of diffraction data with subsequent product performance.
    • Multiple sample stages to suit application:
      • Heating and Cooling stages
      • Controlled humidity stages
      • In situ DSC (with humidity scanning)
      • Auto sample changers (6, 10, 48 position)
      • Sample spinners
      • Capillary stage with spinning
      • X, Y, Z mapping stage
      • Bulk sample holders
      • High throughput screening 96-well plate
      • Isolation cells (for reactive or toxic materials)
      • Disposable single-use holders