The Pharma Lab Show Live:
Reflection and Transmission X-ray Powder Data

Do you run into challenges when collecting X-ray powder patterns in Reflection and Transmission geometries, setup, and optimal measurement parameters for pharmaceutical samples? 

In this episode, we used the SmartLab SE to demonstrate:

  • Instrument setup for Reflection and Transmission measurements. 
  • How to select the measurement range and step size. 
  • Should you use sample spinning and what spin speeds work best. 
  • The importance of measurement time. 



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The SmartLab SE and SmartLab Studio II software were shown in this episode.

Learn more about the SmartLab Studio II software. 

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Discussion Topics For The Pharma Lab Show

Sample Prep

  • Reflection XRD
  • Transmission XRD
  • Capillary XRD

Data Collection

  • Reflection XRD
  • Transmission XRD
  • Capillary XRD

Data Analysis

  • Phase ID & User Database
  • Direct Derivation 
  • Pair Distribution Function
  • Indexing

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