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    SCHEDULE A DEMO - BioSAXS-2000 nano

    Features & Benefits

    • High-Flux 2D Kratky Small Angle X-ray Scattering System with WAXS capabilities.
    • Can be used for solid samples, powder, gels, creams, and liquids.
    • Unique focusing 2D Kratky optics with photon counting 2D detector gives high X-ray flux, short path length, and fast measurement times.
    • Observation of structure and microstructure for organic systems on a nanometer length scale.
    • Characterization of solution-phase behavior (agglomeration, self-assembly, disassociation.) for small molecule and biologics.
    • Change in protein shape and aggregation behavior in solution with formulation and temperature changes.
    • Pre-cursor crystallization screen for large molecules and proteins.
    • Rapid screening of molecular weight, radius of gyration, size, folding behavior, and molecular modeling for mono-dispersed large molecule solutions.
    • Meso-phase (liquid crystal) identification, characterization, and non-ambient behavior.
    • Excipient microstructure formation and encapsulation for formulated products.
    • Formation of nanostructures and self-assembly (micelles and lipids) as a function of temperature and formulation.
    • Nano meter heterogeneity in amorphous systems, gels, and creams.
    • Multiple sample stages to suit application:
      • Heating and Cooling stages
      • Automatic sample changers (liquid, solid, and paste/gel)
      • Bulk sample stage
      • Rotation stage
      • Paste/gel sample stage for viscous samples
      • Isolation cells (for reactive or toxic materials).
      • High throughput 96-well plate handling for solution samples
      • WAXS option