Pharmalytical Summit 2021 Recap

    Pharmalytical Summit 2021 was a one-day virtual event exploring the technologies, analysis, and innovation that goes into bringing the pharmaceuticals allowing humanity to live longer, fuller, healthier lives.

    The day featured presentations and discussions with industry leaders and experts who shared insights and education to help bring these life-changing products into the world.

    A quick recap of the day from Simon Bates, Ph. D.

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    The day was designed around the 4 aspects of the pharmaceutical development lifecycle:

    • Discovery: To find and develop active pharmaceutical compounds that are safe, effective, and suitable for manufacture, requires a surprising breadth of research and investigation.
    • Preformulation: Once a lead New Molecular Entity (NME) has been identified during discovery, the screening and selection of solid forms is often a critical next step in the successful development of a new pharmaceutical product.
    • Formulation: Pharmaceutically active molecules are rarely administered as a pure chemical but combined with various excipients into a formulation that is designed to ensure that the active ingredient is delivered in a safe, effective, and reproducible manner as possible.
    • Manufacturing & Control: Manufacturing is an industrial scale process designed to give safe and consistent drug products to patients worldwide. To ensure safety and efficacy, the entire manufacturing process is strictly regulated and must follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

    There were 47 sessions overall and 24 featured our own Rigaku Team. We also had 15 industry experts join us for the event.

    We had a very engaging Roundtable Discussion, including 6 industry experts, hosted by Rigaku's Simon Bates, Ph.D.




    A Non-Destructive XRF Technique for Rapid and Easy Screening of Residual Catalysts in API's & Intermediates




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    Roundtable Discussion - Polymorphs Throughout the Pharmaceutical Development Lifecycle





    Non-Destructive 3D Imaging Study Of Tablets and Coatings - Recent Advances in X-Ray Computed Tomography